Poetry @ Spectrum Community Day

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Saint Louis Story Stitchers Artists Collective

The Saint Louis Story Stitchers Artists Collective is a non-profit organization engaged in urban storytelling whose mission is to document St. Louis through art and word to promote understanding, civic pride, intergenerational relationships and literacy. Collective artists work alongside 15-24-year-old urban youth to collect stories, reframe and retell them using the arts to promote a better educated, more peaceful and caring society. Current projects focus on public health issues including gun violence.

Representing The Collective: Leading performing artists in the Stitchers Youth Council will perform their original poems, Different by Emeara and Different II by Branden. The poems draw from stories collected by the artists from St. Louis neighborhoods and reflect on the pressures of gang violence. The artists will each present one additional poem.

Event: Spectrum Community Day
Location: Better Family Life (5415 Page Boulevard)
Date: Saturday, May 19, 2018
Time of performance: 12:20PM
Length of performance: 10 minutes

UP Next 4 Story Stitchers  —

Event: Saint Louis Story Stitchers Youth Council leaders Emeara and Chris will host a pre-concert discussion on gun violence prevention in conjunction with a live performance by TERENCE BLANCHARD FEATURING THE E-COLLECTIVE
Date: Sunday, May 20, 2018
Time: Discussion 6:00-6:30 PM


Details at www.storystitchers.org.