STL on the Fringe!

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Pick the City UP Tour is about young people and gun violence prevention. 


Pick the City UP Tour presents Saint Louis Story Stitchers unique brand of urban storytelling, featuring live hip hop, spoken word and story magic on public health issues St. Louis cares about including gun violence. Pay tribute, join the fun, and make a difference.

TH August 17, 2017 

2017 St Lou Fringe Festival!! Opening Night!

7:00-8:00 Preview of National Acts

8:00 Preview of Story Stitchers Glo Sho! at Strauss Park, Grand Center, 63103

OPEN to the PUBLIC and FREE!


FR August 18, 2017

2017 St Lou Fringe Festival!! 

9:30 PM Glo Sho at Strauss Park, Grand Center, 63103

Tickets available through MetroTix HERE


SAT August 19, 2017         

2017 St Lou Fringe Festival!!

8:00 PM Glo Sho at Strauss Park, Grand Center, 63103

Tickets available through MetroTix HERE

Story Stitchers Glo Sho performances are sponsored in part by Arts and Education Monsanto Creative Impact Fund, the Kranzberg Arts Foundation and the Steward Family Foundation.

This production appears as part of the 2017 St Lou Fringe Festival. St Lou Fringe is an open-access network that supports independent producers in bringing their projects to the stage in the city of St Louis. Content, themes, and matters explored in this show are the discretion of the producing company, and are not administrated by St Lou Fringe. For more info:

Peace in the Prairie

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Peace in the Prairie 2017

My experience on the prairie trip was fun, exciting and amazing. I had a good time and made a lot of good friends. I was a leader in a cabin with the younger teens. My name is Lester and I’m a 17-year-old intern at Story Stitchers through STL Youth Jobs this summer.

I liked the food because it was healthy, and there was a lot of it, and it kept our energy up for long hikes. I learned about carbon dioxide and how the plants form it every winter and every year and how rocks turn into dirt over time. I learned there is a plant called “rattlesnake.” I learned that there is more than one kind of sunflower seed. Some are even a pinkish color. Some insects lay their eggs inside the flowers. We opened one up and could see the eggs.

We took a night hike. It was raining and the rain felt cold and so good on my skin. Our group was quiet and we saw a big toad frog. But then we saw a giant spider on a web and some of the teens got scared and we went back to the lodge.

I would say I would do it again and I want to bring more people and learn about more animals.


Sincere Thanks to the 2017 sponsors:

Missouri Botanical Garden Shaw Nature Reserve

Missouri Prairie Foundation

Walmart Community Grant

Winslow’s Home and Farm

Panera Cares

Piccone Pastry

Susan and Carmon Colangelo

Mary Jo Wilmes

Susan Sauer

An eye – opener

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Performer at the Juvenile Detention Center

My name is Antonio and I am 16 years old. I am a lead youth performing artist at Saint Louis Story Stitchers. My most impactful experience with Story Stitchers was at the Juvenile Detention Center. This particular performance had an effect on me I will never forget. When we first arrived and began to set up, the atmosphere seemed bland. After a bit the performance began. The cafeteria was filled with young African American males. Just this view alone was an eye – opener for me. During the first few performances the audience posture was more on the slouchy, nonchalant side. However, when me and a couple of my other co – workers went up to perform we began to see a difference in the audience demeanor. As we were dancing and interacting with them they started to loosen up and became more comfortable. By the end of the performance the audience members were waving and clapping there hands to the music, showing more participation than ever before. I feel this transformation took place because the audience could connect with the youth rather than just a couple of adults that aren’t familiar with their struggle. In all I feel this performance was not only influential to me, but also the the rest of the youth that were there.

Peace in the Prairie

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IMG_0615The Peace in The Prairie trip was very fun. I made new friends and it was adventurous. The best thing about the trip was the night hike we went on with Kendrick. It was a chance to bond with everyone and get comfortable. We walked around and talked and just enjoyed the peace. The group I was with — Taron, Toryon, Shawn, Trevor, Devir, and Dante, made my trip fun because of their wild personalities and their dancing. I played checkers with Devir and his brother. That was fun but I lost both times. I think we should have had more things to do. Maybe go to a place with a swimming area.

The other part that was fun but sad was when we went on the morning hike with the guide from the Missouri Pairie Foundation. Mr. Smith had told us about the plants and animals that live in the prairie. He also showed me how Native Americans twisted dried up pieces of grass that were strong enough to make baskets.  The sad part was when he told us that one of his great great family members who died in a controlled fire they used to make sure the prairie didn’t grow out of control.

The food we had was very unusual compared to what we usually eat, such as the salad and lasagna that we had for dinner. Not everyone liked it, mostly the the adults did.  It was more healthy and natural. The overall experience was fun. We should go again but for a week and have more activities that pertain to art.

Chillin’ with the STL Stitchers

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IMG_0745 3
Mariyon and Antonio at the Contemporary Art Museum

My name is Mariyon. I’m a sixteen-year-old intern through STL Youth Jobs. This summer I had the honor of working with STL Story Stitchers. My experience with STL Story Stitchers has been an incredible one because they have given me memories that I’ll never forget.

This job has taught me a lot about society and what teenagers can do to make it better . For example, gun violence is huge problem in society today. Story Stitchers have taught me some things you should do to prevent it from happening. For example, parents with a licensed gun should make sure that it is locked and unloaded because children sometimes use they’re parents gun as a weapon for situations like bullying. A kid wouldn’t have to bring a gun to school if someone stood up for them or told a teacher.

This has also been a fun experience to remember. We are helping the communities by using the arts. Performing through the arts with a message is a good feeling afterwards because people thank you. In a way we give people hope because it shows that we’re not giving up. One day we will stop the violence. This job has allowed me to use my talents as a voice for myself and others. It shows me that their are other ways to reach out to people. To make them listen. STL Story Stitchers has made my summer a good one and a great one to remember.

Peace in the Prairie

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When a young person lives in an urban area where sirens, screeching tires, and gunshots can be heard nightly, how will their sense of self and world view change when that person experiences and explores native prairies?

We’re going to find out…

The 2017 excursion is a two night camping trip to the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Shaw Nature Reserve and the Dana Brown Education Center. Stitchers Youth Council members are excited to spend some time chillin’ in a new environment, exploring prairie lands and other natural eco-systems, creating art and music, and trying some delicious farm fresh foods.

Sincere Thanks to the 2017 sponsors:

Missouri Botanical Garden’s Shaw Nature Reserve

Missouri Prairie Foundation

Walmart Community Grant for Sustainability

Winslow’s Home and Farm

Bon Appetite Catering

Panera Cares

Piccone Pastry

Susan and Carmon Colangelo

Mary Jo Wilmes

Susan Sauer

Stitchers youth reflects on the trip last year…

Good afternoon everyone! My name is Kelsey, I’m 18 years old. Peace in the Prairie was a complete success and if I had the chance to do it all over again I would certainly do it.

Being able to experience an environment of peace is different than what I am used to. I live in the city of Saint Louis, Missouri where I hear ambulances along with gunshots near my home every night. The trip allowed me to know that there is more to life than what I’ve been used to. I would like to change my mindset by being more adventurous and trying new things to expand my horizon.

In the Prairie there were lizards, bull frogs, raccoons, owls, and rabbits. At night you could hear the animals making noises and on the hikes through the prairie you could see some of them running on the walking path through the plants. I was amazed by the beautiful green butterflies flying around even though I felt like they were attacking me! I had on the exact color they were so I understood their confusion.

I honestly feel that every teen should get a chance to have that experience especially if they have never been in a different environment other than the one they live in.


King Pins and Strike Queens

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 8.12.51 AMPut the gun DOWN and PICK UP a book or bowling bowl!

Saint Louis Story Stitchers Bowl A Thon Teams prepare to compete at Tropicana Lanes on Clayton Road Sunday, July 30th, 4:00-6:00!

Very special thanks goes out to our wonderful Honorary Chair Kim Tucci from The Pasta House Co. at 8213 Delmar Blvd!

We are grateful for the work of the Bowl A Thon Committee members!

The King Pins are Carmon Colangelo, KP Dennis, Chris Hansen, Lee Hastings, Eric Kayira, and Bowl A Thon logo designer Bill McDermott.

Strike Queens are Dahlgren Baker, Felicia Baker, Theresa Bergman, Ellen Boyne, Donna Campbell, Susan Colangelo, Cassandria White, Sandra Dennis, Denise Hertel, Keisa Johnson,  Jennifer Luner, JoAnn Sanditz, Janet Tenhula, Sandy Kaplan, Gail Rock, Maggie Wu, Ebony Carter, Kathy Tun, Griffin Reed, and Devora Tulcensky.

Proxy bowlers where needed are members of Stitchers Teen Council.

Through the efforts of many, Saint Louis Story Stitchers has become one of the most respected and innovative community-based gun violence prevention programs for youth. These funds will benefit the Saint Louis Story Stitchers directly. These funds are much needed, and we need your help.

Sponsor your favorite Team or Bowler!

Please send your tax deductible donation to: 

Saint Louis Story Stitchers

616 N Skinker Blvd.

St. Louis, MO 63130

or donate through PayPal via the website:

We know you will come through as we are all working hard to create a positive impact on our community. Thanks in advance for your help and support.

Remember, we’re all in this together!

Pick UP Dutchtown 2DAY!

Lookin’ forward to a beautiful and FUN day 2DAY!! Come out and lend your support to youth in Dutchtown!

Check out the Story Stitchers  SAT July 29, 

LIVE SHO at 6:00 PM! 

Thomas Dunn Learning Center, 3113 Gasconade St.

Performers Taron, Toryon, Juwan, Trevor, Antonio, Dadishi, Aigner