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I want to say thank you to Ms. Susan Colangelo for accepting me as an intern from Clive C. Miller Academy. It has been a pleasure working with her and designing and creating a business plan, something that she has been wanting ever since she started Story Stitchers.

When I first arrived to 616 N Skinker, I didn’t really pay attention to arts that much. I wasn’t aware that people used the arts as something therapeutic to them. I wasn’t aware that they used it to make a living. I didn’t realize that it meant the world to people and it was their lives and she actually brought awareness to me about that.  

It has been so fun! I believe that I have had the best internship out of my class. She gave me a free hoodie and I literally wore that hoodie every single day to school. It grabbed so much attention! And I think that is just what we need in our community. People like her that stand up for us and really leave a mark. Thanks Ms. Colangelo.


Age 18

Business Intern from St. Louis Public School District, January-May, 2018


Congratulations to you Harold, on your high school graduation!! Thank you for all of the help and for leaving your mark on Story Stitchers. When you first came I told you to always do your best wherever you go, so that people will miss you when you move on. Good job with that! We miss you already.— Mrs. C