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Reflections on StitchCast Studio Episode II “Gun Violence is Everywhere”

By Jada, Story Stitchers STL Youth Jobs 2020 Intern

Growing up in the city of St. Louis, you constantly hear about gun violence and trauma, so much so that I find myself feeling helpless and feeling like maybe there will never be a change or solution to this problem. Unfortunately, I’ve lost a couple of friends to gun violence, some brought more pain than others, but it hurts every time I have to receive another phone call or text saying someone I love or once loved has been killed due to gun violence. After listening to the “Gun Violence is Everywhere” podcast on the Story Stitchers website, I’ve heard more of other people’s opinions about gun violence and how they respond to it. They spoke about what they think the communities can do to prevent gun violence. Someone on the podcast said that they were taught as a child the consequences of killing. I think that needs to be taught more within this generation as the gun violence crime numbers increase.