Sixteen year old Story Stitchers Youth Council 2017/18 Co-Chairs Antonio and Mariyon performed at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School with fellow Youth Council members Antonio A., Branden and Emeara Friday as part of National Bullying Awareness Week.

They organized and presented a teaser for the upcoming Story Stitchers play, Not Another One! A Play 4 Peace and treated the excited audience of high school students to their new song, ANTI ANTI, created by the youth in the Stitchers Storefront Studio with audio engineer Howard Cox. The song fights bullying with peer to peer mentoring.

Not Another One! A Play 4 Peace is created by Story Stitchers with support from the Saigh Foundation, Spirit of St. Louis Women’s Fund, Wells Fargo Advisors, and the Kranzberg Arts Foundation. The school assembly version, directed by Bobby Norfolk, will premiere in St. Louis Public School District this spring. The play brings important themes about police/youth rights and responsibilities, character education, tolerance, and gun violence prevention to life through Story Stitchers unique brand of “urban storytelling.” For more information or to bring the play to your high school, visit

Happy Halloween from the Story Stitchers! Y’all HAVE FUN & STAY SAFE 2nite!




I Ain’t Bother You, Where Did I Go Wrong?


I Ain’t On That, Please Leave Me Alone.


Bully Me, Then Regret It When Im Gone.




These bully’s wanna take my chain, get in my lane, bash my name,

I ain’t even do nothin.

I just tryin’ go to school and get my A’s, get my A’s,

They wanna see me fail cause the ain’t livin’ well,

So they pickin’ on me, feelin’ like a cell,

I don’t even wanna tell cause it probably get worse,

And I really get hurt. Shabba I put em in the dirt,

Don’t lose your crown, use your smile,

Don’t lose your style just to prove somethin’

But do nothin’ you need to stay somethin’

While your veins pumpin’ and your J’z thumpin’ like

Bully stay in your lane, bully stay in your lane,

Excuse me teacher, can you handle my light weight?