Take Aways

Jonathan and Chelsea in Not Another One!  Photo by Taylor Yocom, c Story Stitchers 2017

Audience Reactions –

What message did you take away from Not Another One! A Play 4 Peace?

We need this generation to change their communities by focusing on the positive and not negative. Stop the violence and come together in love!  Great message! Made me stop and think that I need to see people for who they are and not what I might perceive them to be because of how they are dressed or the color of their skin!  — Theresa, dental hygienist

Knowledge is power! The message should be shared not only with young people but with people in general. Awesome show!!!  — Jerica, Social Worker

Guns need to disappear or be handled with importance. The play made me feel like adults and gun owners need to be educated and responsible for their fire arm purchases.— Rich, Business Owner

The community needs to work together to solve gun issues. There are great people who care. The message tells me to get more involved and try to be a positive influence.— Allison, Museum Educator

Our youth are thinking and looking for guidance to be a part of the solution. The message reinforces my passion and efforts in working in my community.— April, Nonprofit Community Liaison

Youth’s voices are important and feel that sometimes they are not heard. I found the message very empowering and also youth want the madness to end. Important and effective show. — Martha, Youth Job Coach

Youth want to feel like the police are hearing them out. Youth want to know that the police have their backs and don’t rush to judgement. Parents need to pay attention to their children. Police officers need to build a rapport with the youth.— Adonika, Social Worker

There is still and will continue to be tension between police officers and members of the community. This show had a huge impact on me.—  Japhnee, Youth Job Coach