Book: Not Another One! A Play for Peace


Not Another One! A Play for Peace

Not Another One! A play for Peace


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$19.99 at Barnes & Noble

NOT ANOTHER ONE! is a multi-year signature project addressing gun violence through music, documentary videos, books, and scripts collected and edited from 2015 to 2021 by over 100 artists. Music, curriculum, and coordinating items are available.

The book also contains both the full-length script and the school assembly script, both of which are based on the Saint Louis Story Stitchers Artists Collective’s 2015 youth-led discussion with civic leaders and police on gun violence and police/teen interaction entitled, NOT ANOTHER ONE! A Discussion. The book provides content for educators or arts organizations who wish to stage the play at their own facility.

Purchase the book, album, and curriculum packet, all 3 for $45, everything you need to stage the play or school assembly, hold meaningful youth-led discussions, training sessions, and more.


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