Teen Council Adding Their Voices

The Video Sketchbook will give a glimpse of what we are seeing and hearing in the city. Stitchers Teen Council members have created a video piece in collaboration with Mike Pagano at the Nine Network’s NineLAB and United Story. Teens spent two weeks collecting footage & another two Saturdays with Mike inside the NineLAB! They are ready to submit their work to the Perception Isn’t Always Reality Video Sketchbook. Thank you Mike Pagano & Nine Network for sharing your equipment, space and expertise with us!!!

Teen Council with Big Bird at Nine Network
Teen Council with Big Bird at Nine Network
Teen Council editing in the NineLAB
Teen Council editing in the NineLAB
Teen Council editing in the NineLAB
Teen Council editing in the NineLAB
Teen Council takes a lunch break in the NineLAB
Teen Council takes a lunch break in the NineLAB

Add Your Voice

We are accepting submissions from St. Louis area artists to the Perception Isn’t Always Reality exhibition through Jan 16th. Work should reflect on the theme of the exhibition or Black History Month. Entries will be curated to create a community video sketchbook by the Stitcher’s Artistic Director of Videography, Jarmel Reece. The sketchbook will be projected in the Incubator/Gallery Space at Kranzberg Arts Center February 6-28. Opening night is February 6th.

Bipolar Series VIII by writer and photographer Kait Mauro is a recent submission to the exhibition. Kait is also exhibiting in “Portrait” at the Regional Arts Commission, 6128 Delmar, opening tonight, January 9th, 5:30-7:30.

Add your voice!

Entry Details are here: http://storystitchers.co/portfolio/black-history-month/

Kait Mauro. Bipolar Series VIII


Saint Louis Story Stitchers application for 501c3 non-profit status was approved by the IRS on December 24th, 2014. We are excited about this transition from a loosely bound artists’ collective to a legal entity that has the potential of creating a sustainable organization. As a non-profit, we can generate cultural exchange opportunities in St. Louis far into the future.

We, the artists, board members and Teen Council, have had lots of help to get the this place. We want to thank everyone who has been so supportive including the founding collective members – Denise Ward Brown, Juan William Chavez, Susan Colangelo, Jamie KP Dennis, Marilee Keys, Kiersten Torrez, John A. Wright and Sylvia Wright, the Northside Workshop, everyone who helped us at the PXSTL Grand Bazaar including our friends at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation and the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts at Washington University, the Washington University Law Clinic, the Volunteer Lawyers and Accountants for the Arts, our SCORE counselors, the staff at the Skandalaris Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, Mission L3C Center, the Kranzberg Arts Center, and our friends and families. We are really excited about what comes next and we hope you, dear readers, will join us! We love you Saint Louis!!

Saint Louis Story Stitchers Map Table.jpeg copy

Image created by Carmon Colangelo for the Story Stitchers Grand Bazaar, 2014. Map of St. Louis is from Discovering African American St. Louis: A Guide to Historic Sites, 2002 by John A. Wright

I Scream CAKES!

Teen Council members are participating in a project to document issues related to recent incidents in Ferguson, MO through the Nine Network Public Television station and United Story.

Here Council members videotape an interview with Kerry Soraci, owner of I Scream Cakes, a delicious and unique ice cream shoppe on Cherokee Street. Of course, we had to taste, too…!


Looking Ahead on New Year’s Eve

Teen Council members explore career paths they are interested in…here Council members look ahead on New Year’s Eve and taste the artistic masterpieces of Chef David Kirkland at Osage Cafe on Olive Street. David shared the story of his career and insights into the path to becoming a chef. We tasted a delicious bruschetta with an onion jam and Gruyere cheese… and wonderful desserts—YUM!!! The teens learned there is no short path to becoming a chef — its a lot of hard work, years in the kitchen and learning as you go but if food is your passion and you enjoy feeding people healthy and creative dishes then it can be a great way to earn your living! Thanks for sharing with us Chef Kirkland!! Happy New Year!!!


image1 copy


Treasuring Community

Rick Lowe is a nationally recognized artist who has served his community in Houston with a project called Project Rowe Houses for over 20 years. I visited him there once about 9 years ago. He was playing checkers with some neighbors in the community house. He is a pleasant, easy-going man. He got up and showed me around the Project, picking up a small piece of trash from the grass as we talked. He is a leader in social practice in Houston and beyond and now also a MacArthur fellow.

Here’s to you Rick! Congratulations!


our logo

The circular symbol in our logo comes from the West African Adinkra symbol called Adinkrahene, chief of the Adinkra symbols. It stands for greatness, charisma and the importance of playing a role in community leadership.

Adinkra cloth is hand-stamped in Ghana and worn by people in a variety of social and festive gatherings. Adinkra symbols express various themes related to the history, beliefs, and philosophy of the Asante people of Ghana. Sometimes they are related to wisdom as taught through traditional proverbs. Adinkra cloth has been called story cloth, as numerous symbols are stamped in blocks on one cloth, perhaps telling the story of a person’s life.

I have stitched this simple design many times. It is a beautiful symbol of community.

We want to give a shout out to Jessica Colangelo who designed it for us during her visit this week to St. Louis. Thanks Jesse!


Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 1.22.38 PM

Stitchers LOGO