Pick the City UP highlighted August 5 at Karaoke Couture



The Lewis Prize for Music and Accelerator Awardees Present “Accelerating Change: Creative Youth Development Across the United States” Video Series

The Lewis Prize for Music in partnership with its esteemed Accelerator Awardees Saint Louis Story Stitchers Artists Collective, Hyde Square Task Force, Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit, and Beyond the Bars, and is thrilled to announce the launch of the highly anticipated 2023 video series titled “Accelerating Change: Creative Youth Development Across the United States.”

Creative Youth Development (CYD) programs have long been at the forefront of empowering young people as thriving leaders in communities nationwide, and this series will shed light on the invaluable work carried out by CYD organizations in their respective communities, highlighting the inspiring stories of young individuals who have experienced the transformative power of music.

Expanding upon the success of the initial Accelerating Change collection, which debuted in 2021, this year’s video series comprises individual short films produced by each award-winning organization. These compelling videos offer an immersive perspective into the world of Creative Youth Development, as witnessed through the eyes of young people and the dedicated adults who support them. Together, they weave narratives of young individuals hailing from Boston (MA), Detroit (MI), Philadelphia (PA), and Saint Louis (MO), delving into their unique communities, personal experiences, and profound connections to music.

The video series unveils the following consensus stories from the esteemed Accelerator Awardees:

Saint Louis Story Stitchers Artists Collective: The vibrant video titled “Pick the City Up” showcases the journey of young people as they spearhead the creation of their new SPACE, illustrating their instrumental role in its development.


There will be a public screening of the video August 5th at Story Stitchers’ event, Karaoke Couture.

LOCATION: HIGH LOW, 3301 Grandel Sq, 1A, 63108

DATE: Saturday, August 5, 2023, 6:00-9:30 PM

Free, All ages, Cash bar

Pick the City UP also features a new song and music video by the same name that shows young artists performing at locations familiar to the group around the city of St. Louis, Missouri and collecting young people on a bus to join them in their mission to make the city they love a safer and healthier place for all.

The song will drop on major music platforms August 5.

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The peace is rising, stopping violence,

Yeah we vibing, no longer silent.

We hushing sirens, with what we writing.

Come and vibe with Story Stitchers, come and sign in.

It’s time to pick the city up, It’s time to pick it up.

(All we got is us).

It’s time to pick the city up, It’s time to pick it up.

(Watch we build it up)

Pick the City UP describes the vision and story of the young artists at Saint Louis Story Stitchers Artists Collective to create a safe studio space that will fulfill the needs and dreams identified by the group. Over a year, the young artists worked with designers and mentors to identify activities, colors, technology, and furnishings for the new, expanded facility. “The Center is a place for us, a safe place for learning and opportunities, a place for music and creativity, a place to gather with friends, a place with love, a place for me,” wrote the young artists.

Quinsonta Boyd – Lead Videographer

Troy Swanson – Videographer

Filmed on location at Kranzberg Arts Foundation at Saint Louis Story Stitchers’ The Center and Central Stage Vintage Vinyl in the Delmar Loop Wellston Loop Community Development Corporation Missouri Climate Summit, Washington University in St. Louis.

Saint Louis Story Stitchers Artists Collective, 2023