Thanks Cardinals and Bally Sports Midwest for Celebrating Story Stitchers!

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This season, the Cardinals and Bally Sports Midwest are recognizing people and places pitching in to make a difference in our community.

Friday night during the pre-game, the Cardinals and Bally Sports Midwest gave a salute to Saint Louis Story Stitchers –  a nationally recognized Artists Collective known for high quality art and innovative youth violence prevention programs.

This year Saint Louis Story Stitchers opened The Center, a 4500 sq. ft space for creative youth development in the Grand Center Arts District. Young people, age 16-24, may join the award-winning podcast program, StitchCast Studio, published on nation-wide podcast platforms. Story Stitchers artists perform music and poetry promoting St. Louis civic pride. Story Stitchers provides young adults with safe spaces to gather, friends that are anti-violence, mentors, and opportunities to speak out and earn money, while participants gain the skills to find productive employment and a healthy adulthood, proactively reducing crime.

Story Stitchers’ Senior Audio Producer- BlueBeatz and Teaching Artist in Audio – S. K. Banga, and 3 of the youth leaders – Malik, Zack, and Traydon were on the field with Fredbird, the Cardinals mascot!

A big thank you! to the Cardinals and Bally Sports Midwest for celebrating Saint Louis Story Stitchers.

Fans can pitch in to help Saint Louis Story Stitchers!



Catch the Story Stitchers today, Saturday, April 15, 2023

Saint Louis Story Stitchers will take StitchCast Studio on the road as part of COUNTER PUBLIC. Artists will be in The Griot Museum area from 11:30-3:30.

Visit Emeara Burns, Blue Beatz and S.K. Banga with the StitchCast and share a story or two on their mics!

The Griot Museum of Black History is a wax museum in St. Louis, Missouri, founded in 1997. Originally named The Black World History Wax Museum, the organization changed its name to The Griot Museum of Black History in 2009.
Address2505 St Louis Ave, St. Louis, MO 63106

Saint Louis Story Stitchers is a proud partner of COUNTER PUBLIC.

To learn more, visit