Parenting a Teen?

Parenting a teen can be tough. Sometimes we all need a little help from our friends. We’re here to help!

Saint Louis Story Stitchers has opportunities for youth in St. Louis, Missouri who are interested in the arts and journalism, nonprofit business, and community organizing. Although all youth are welcome, our free youth programs are designed especially for 16-24 year old teens and young adults who are underserved and underrepresented youth of color living in underinvested neighborhoods in St. Louis City and County.

Youth opportunities are free of charge. Some youth even earn money here. In a wholesome, healing space, young people join their mentors to learn, create, make new friends, and serve their communities.

Comments from youth participants about how they were able to reach out to their communities through participating in Story Stitchers’ award-winning youth-led podcast program, StitchCast Studio, include the following:

  • As a new leader, I’ve been able to help my community and friends with their mental health.


  • I have been able to reach out to my community by using my voice as a platform to inform my community of social topics and understand different perspectives on those topics as well.


  • Through StitchCast, I have been able to be an advocate and artist that actively works for positive change in the community.


  • It has really been pushing me to give more effort towards my craft and help me become confident with giving life lessons to my community.


  •   I’ve been able to communicate with more people than I would’ve if I wasn’t a part of StitchCast through podcasts and PSAs.


  • It’s helped me learn that outreach is the best way to reach people, and one of those ways can be done through podcasts.


  • I’ve been able to be on another platform that gives me the ability to inspire others and collaborate with others during the session.


  • I’ve been able to articulate my ideas for a better city.


  • I am more bold and confident.


  • I’ve been about to help those younger than [myself] and express myself freely on a platform created for people like me.


  • I have started doing more research and trying to go to events that support the community or change things about the community that need to be changed.


  • I’ve been able to reach out to youth affected by gun violence who listen to StitchCast and resonate with our discussions.


  • I’ve been communicating with people in my school’s Black Student Union about StitchCast. Since my school isn’t art-based and we have a lot of artistic individuals, some are thinking about joining now.


  • I have been able to have a platform where we can actually meet real people and talk about real problems.


  • StitchCast is like a megaphone. It amplifies your voice so that more people are able to hear it. I love and listen to my community which puts me in a position to be able to understand what they need to hear. Using research, I am able to encourage and educate my community through StitchCast.

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