A Place For Me  THE CENTER


Youth are at the CENTER of everything. They tell us what they need. Where they are in life. Where they are today. Everyone we serve has experienced trauma from violence, from poverty, from marginalization. At Story Stitchers, adult artists and youth collaborate to create new works of art. Creation and expression provide space for commonality and affection. Empowerment. Healing. Every photograph, every dance, every story processes some small piece of trauma. Youth reported that friends, the arts, leadership opportunities, access to mentors, and earning money are protective factors that help them make positive decisions. They told us, and we listened.

A Place For Me  THE CENTER 

A place for solace. Support. Contemplation. A place for self-expression.

The interior spaces are being designed by me, the youth for youth.

“Story Stitchers and home? One and the same! Story Stitchers nurtures our best selves just as home does. Most of the youth who start off are lost, troubled or hurting and Story Stitchers helps ease those problems and guides them through a process of self-confidence building. Without Story Stitchers… without home, where would we be?”