Story Stitchers at St. Louis Art Fair

Story Stitchers at St. Louis Art Fair

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Saint Louis Story Stitchers served the community as a Sponsor of the St. Louis Art Fair, providing 4 live performances and 3 days of a unique exhibition booth.

Saint Louis Story Stitchers participation in St. Louis Art Fair was funded in part by the Lewis Prize for Music Accelerator Award of 2021.

Story Stitchers artists created a set of original music and choreography to guide Fair visitors through urban streets and into Missouri’s prairies with the theme of healing through art and nature.

Story Stitchers Campfire Stories Booth shared photography collected over 8 years of the Peace in the Prairie program and included a campfire, camp stools, a bison selfie wall and more.

Thanks to all who helped us attend and be present at the St. Louis Art Fair! We had a great time!