I GOTCHU Released


Saint Louis Story Stitchers Artist Collective’s Perception Isn’t Always Reality will engage BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) teen and young adult artists to reevaluate messages they may have received about COVID and vaccinations and to evaluate the sources of the information. Through their own brand of urban storytelling that involves collaborative work in hip hop music and krump dance, videography, photography, and podcasting, the artists will produce a challenging body of work for the public to experience on urban canvases such as the sides of city buses and on the airwaves.

Story Stitchers youth leaders have worked with mentoring artists and professional companies to develop a campaign called I GOTCHU around the concepts of worthiness and protection to boost vaccine confidence in our community. The I GOTCHU campaign is now out around town on the sides of Metro buses and at bus shelters, on iHeart Radio, and on social media!

To learn more about the project visit storystitchers.org. For the latest information or to find a vaccination site near you go to vaccines.gov.