StitchCast Studio LIVE! War and Youth

Youth leaders will discuss the war in Ukraine and the effects of the trauma of war on youth with Vy-Thao N Dao, a refugee from the Viet Nam War who lives and works in St. Louis.

Vy-Thao N Dao was born after the Viet Nam War ended. Her parents lived through the war and as a result, her father was detained in a re-education camp over 6 years, the majority of his 20’s. Vy came to the United States in the early 1990’s through the human operation program that sponsored all families that were incarcerated because of the war. Vy says there are many Vietnamese people living in St. Louis who came here through this program.

Youth leaders and Vy will discuss war and its impact on families and youth through stories of her own family and the migration of war refugees out of one’s home country.

Recorded live and in person at Central Stage, 3524 Washington Ave in St. Louis, Missouri on March 11, 2022.


Pick the City UP Art Interlude

Youth guitarist recorded live on stage, 2022.


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