Stand Together Campaign


Circle the Youth with Love and Support

Story Stitchers moved to virtual programs and outdoors to stay safe this year, and the generosity of our friends made it possible for 100 Story Stitchers youth to meet year round with mentors, bringing messages of peace to people in our community – young people who need to hear from peers telling them to put down their gun and join us in creating a healthier and more peaceful region for all.

  • 100 youth met with mentors 220 times, presented to the public 43 times and 177 educational programs
  • $22,000 stipends were earned by youth
  • Zero youth became justice involved after joining Story Stitchers

Public performances and engagements reached 2,000 live audience members and 6,700 virtual @storystitchers followers with 688,140 views or impressions

“For me, it was just a pretty cool experience to be on a podcast for the first time and just to meet new people. It helped me with my listening skills. Like just to listen what others have to say and not debate opinions but listen to others and see their perspective from different points of view.” – 17 year old male

You can have an impact in 2022! Your generosity will support youth who need:

  • To find a safe place to meet and find mentors
  • A positive future removed from the world of guns and gangs
  • To be all they can be—academically, socially and culturally

Saint Louis Story Stitchers has Missouri State Tax Credits available!

Through the Youth Opportunities Program (YOP), Missouri Department of Economic Development, Missouri state tax credits are available for monetary donations made to Saint Louis Story Stitchers Artists Collective.  All donors would be eligible for a 50% Missouri state tax credit claimable against their Missouri state tax liability, however, there is a $500 minimum donation.  For example, if you donate $1,000 you can claim a $500 credit off of your Missouri state income tax and control where your tax dollars go!

Donations are greatly appreciated and support Story Stitchers youth programs.

Please contact Susan Colangelo, Executive Director, at to learn more.

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