Story Stitchers is Hiring! Community Engagement – Youth Recruitment Specialists

Two Positions OPEN

Community Engagement – Youth Recruitment Specialists:

POSITION 1: North City region (north of Washington)

POSITION 2: South City region (south of Washington)

CONTRACT DATES: July 1, 2021 through September 29, 2021


Stitchers will contract with two community engagement and youth recruitment specialists who will schedule and conduct visits within the community at meetings, centers, schools, clinics, churches, parks, social service providers, etc, to share our work and youth opportunities and to recruit and register youth for programs. 

The ideal candidates will have strong verbal communication skills, self motivated, respectful, collaborative, organized, able to plan, schedule, keep records, and follow through to fulfill the goal of youth recruitment and registration of 100 youth per month per region. 

The candidates will thrive in a culture of learning, social responsibility, and creativity.  They believe in our mission and enjoy working as part of a small team.

Community Engagement and Youth Recruitment Specialists_ Saint Louis Story Stitchers Artists Collective.docx