Sneaker Tact Single Released!

Saint Louis Story Stitchers is proud to release a new single called,

“Sneaker Tact” by K.P. Dennis and Branden Lewis

with the great Ntegrity on the board!!

Cover photograph by Shawn Taylor with Cali Fleming.

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Verse I

Three burned dead bodies in the back of my residence!

Homicide D’s investigating for evidence!

I hear the homie’s yelling, “ KP for president“

Been down since the 90’s, a representative ever since!

When we was young we used to bang Pro-models,

With the sticker still on it gripping 40 Old Gold bottles!

From Diadora Lottos to my Eleese’s!

When they dropped that Bk we became an endangered species!…

But my Adidas was saving us from the rapture.

That them Chuck Taylor’s was ushering in a social disaster!

We died faster in them Cortez!

But once them J’s popped off, inevitably there was more dead!

Could never see me in no poor Keds!

Or no Pro-Wings so the 1st & -the-15th, we came so clean! Hustle for bread.

In some crispy Air Forces, black and blue

Air Maxes in the Ville where we sport it!


Can I kick it? It’s the Sneaker tact!

Can I kick it? It’s the Sneaker tact!

Can I kick it? It’s the Sneaker tact!

Got soul in your sole, what are those? Kick back!

Can I kick it? It’s the Sneaker tact!

Can I kick it? It’s the Sneaker tact!

Can I kick it? It’s the Sneaker tact!

Got soul in your sole, what are those? Kick back!

Verse II

I, wake up at 6 in the morning,

We still mourning over shots that rang out yesterday.

Mama say until we get the bread to get a better place,

We gotta pray for better days.

You just a step away from somebody taking your breath away.

That was her warning like every morning.

Open the closet reach for the jordans. Oh yeah, we can’t afford em,

So I, strap up the sketchers, and let her finish her lecture,

This the first day of school, can’t believe I gotta wear this.

I’m out the door, at the bus stop I see a couple dudes I knew was out before.

They don’t look like they out no more.

They in the game trying to get paid.

They might drop out of tenth grade,

By time the bus came they paid ten ways.

They out here chasing money,

They got the shoes plus the bread plus a tool in case somebody try to take it from em.

They look at me and they like what are those,

Oh no these my other clothes, the forces still at home I’ll rock em later on.


Verse III

Mannnnn catch me in my summer clothes,

I love that watch, I gots to cop me one of those.

Bus is here I gotta go.

What are those? I don’t even know

I’m on a need to know, and they don’t even need to know that these my brother clothes.

Hope they don’t take it wrong but we don’t live forever

Life ain’t long, it’s even shorter on that corner they be standing on.

Be taking chances on, that they be planted on.

Cause lord knows I’ll probably still see them standing there when I get home.

Verse IV

Do Summersaults and turn cartwheels to get a deal!

Not when you’re a real, one from Baden by way of the Ville!

My soul is not for sale don’t need no more celebrity!

Pay me so all of us can eat, you know how dope that would be?

We take no losses or no shorts, Kevin Hart like a Dwarf playing Limbo…

& no, it’s not no demo!

Skip a chart strike a match just blaze…

Many men have tried but I was made this way!



Recorded at Saint Louis Story Stitchers Storefront Studio

Mastered by Preston Jones at Sawhorse Studios

Published by Saint Louis Story Stitchers Artists Collective

Copyright 2020

All rights reserved