To The Prairie


Story Stitchers intern Anaya from Washington University edits her poem for Stitchers Youth Council’s production, To The Prairie.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

High Low

3301 Washington Ave

Doors Open at Noon for Activities, Show Starts at 1:00

Tickets on MetroTix

All ages. Bring the kids!


Excerpt from Anaya’s poem—

They Call Me Chiron

Found myself running round and round

Found myself farther than I’ve ever been

There was a fog over the sky

Couldn’t see the stars that normally guide me home

The stars I love

Love so very much

I never see them over the city lights

The fog between us is thick tonight

The moon is all I have to illuminate my path

Back to the home without you

A night with no stars

No one to hear my truth

The reality of Tonight

But I keep faith I know I will see them again

For I know they will always remain there

Even light years away

The fog couldn’t make you disappear

That meadow that love that freedom that breeze those stars ,you, are forever with me

My worries become thin outstretched over all this land

Miles and miles of the freedom I never get to express

The newness the dew

If I could stay and never go home I would

So I’ll sit under the moonlight until the sun decides to rise

Lay in this pasture

Feel this peace

Let it be known as The truth I found in the prairie