Story Stitchers is where it’s at

Emeara at the Good For Your Health music video shoot, Winslow’s Farm, 2019

Shakira — Emeara’s mom, shares her thoughts…

I have watched Story Stitchers grow for the last 5 years I want to say… no, 7 years!

Emeara and a group of her friends started in Story Stitchers when they were in high school, I want to say they were sophomores, juniors in high school. Now Emeara’s 21 and Story Stitchers has taken off from a group of small friends to a group of 20 and the support that I’ve seen, the events I’ve seen them at, the interactions with the crowd, with the children, the talent that has been coming through here.

Watching my own daughter grow has been so awesome. Watching the organization itself grow from just a group of friends to actually a storefront in Delmar, that is, like so awesome. Watching the growth in the community around them. Whenever they come to an event everyone is excited to see them. When they’re leaving an event I just see people stop and say hey, great job, y’all were just so wonderful. Great talent. You really gave me something to smile about. It’s just so awesome. I really really love Story Stitchers and I am thankful for Story Stitchers coming into my daughter’s life, coming into our lives, you know I’ve seen her do a really big change—not only on her walk with God, but just her interaction with Story Stitchers and how she pours into Story Stitchers. I am just so thankful and I think it’s so awesome that.. I’m just so thankful.

You have to check out Story Stitchers if you ever get the chance. Please, please, please, check out Story Stitchers, it’s one of the greatest things that has come out of STL and this is just the beginning. Story Stitchers is going to blow up from here and it’s going to be worldwide! They’re already worldwide but it’s going to get bigger and better!

Story Stitchers is where it’s at.



Stitchers Youth Council

Open to 16-24 year olds

Saturday, August 31

12:00 -4:00 PM

Stitchers Storefront Studio

616 N Skinker Blvd.

Come learn about creative opportunities at Saint Louis Story Stitchers and meet some of the artists. It’s Wash U Day so pick up a freebie give away!

Share your artistic work in spoken word, hip hop or music, photography or videography.

Volunteer to help with our next big event, Super Heroes the West Side on October 26th and get to know the Lou through our eyes!

Free parking in the City lot behind the building.



Program Director

Apply via INDEED

Position Summary

We seek a professional for the position of Program Director in St. Louis, MO. The ideal candidate has a solid track record managing all aspects of programs for a nonprofit arts organization and strong familiarity with the fine arts.

The Program Director is responsible for the coordination and administration of youth programs and youth recruitment through engagement with schools and local community organizations.

The Program Director works with artists and youth in the organization and supports their work through planning, organizing, administering, attendance, and advocacy.

The Program Director reports to and works directly with the President of the Board of Directors who also serves as the CEO.

The Program Director works full-time for a minimum of 40 hours per week at Story Stitchers designated locations with minimum of 20 hours per week for youth contact.

Program Director Job Description