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Saint Louis Story Stitchers after the STAND DOWN RISE UP performance at Gateway Arch National Park on February 18, 2019.

Saint Louis Story Stitchers Artists Collective gathers African American youth ages 16-24 years old to talk about current issues and turn that into art aimed at creating social change. The Artists Collective’s current focus is bullying, bias, and gun violence. Story Stitchers promote peace and understanding through a unique brand of urban storytelling, art, and hip-hop. Story Stitchers work on the root causes of youth gun violence including the trauma of poverty and the lack of adult guidance and mentorship by providing ongoing vocational training, safe spaces to gather, relevant cultural experiences, meaningful methods of self-expression, and character education through weekly meetings, in-school assembly programs, community building, and performances. The work of the Collective is authentic and powerful. It documents black history through written word and art including poetry, photography and video recordings while training the next generation to become active, engaged citizens. Programs become a force multiplier, rippling into families, schools and neighborhoods and offering solutions to pervasive urban problems.

Employment Status: New Position

Regular: Review                                                                                                                               

Role: Administrative, Exempt

Job Title: Program Director

Open until filled.

The Program Director is responsible for the coordination and administration of youth programs and youth recruitment through engagement with schools and local community organizations.

The ideal candidate knows that artists can be catalysts for social change and is excited to collaborate with artists, teenagers and young adults to join and support their efforts in strengthening the 5-year-old organization.

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Program Director Position: APPLY AT INDEED