Winslow’s Farm


Story Stitchers took a cultural trip to beautiful Winslow’s Farm in Augusta, Missouri today, hosted by Randy and Ann Lipton, to learn about agriculture and to shoot footage for the music video of Good for Your Health.

Good for Your Health is a school assembly program for 5-15-year-old children. The interactive program includes original music, a skit, games and dance and covers nutrition and bullying in fun and innovative ways. Story Stitchers will perform the program at th Loop Arts Fest June 22nd at 9:00 AM at the Midwest Farmers Market on the Delmar Loop.

The trip to Winslow’s Farm was supported by Randy and Ann Lipton, Randy and Ann Lipton Charitable Fund of the St. Louis Community Foundation.

Our special thanks to Ann and Randy for their generosity in hosting us.

We had a really wonderful time!

Stitchers Youth Council received an “It Starts With Us” Youth Project Sponsorship from the St. Louis Mental Health Board and St. Louis Violence Prevention Commission for the Good for Your Health school assembly program.

Help them take the program to additional schools!


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