Good For Your Health


Story Stitchers Youth Council members Shawn Prather, Emeara Burns, She’Kinah Taylor, Cali Fleming, AnnaLise Cason, and Antonio Anderson presented their new program, Good For Your Health, to children at Farragut Elementary School’s after school program May 24th, 2019.

The program teaches basic concepts on nutrition and bullying and includes original music, dance, a skit, and games.

In June, Story Stitchers will take a bus trip to Winslow’s Farm to learn about nutritious foods and to shoot the music video for Good For Your Health.

Good For Your Health will be presented for the public during Loop Arts Fest, the morning of June 22nd at the Midwest Farmers Market.

Teacher evaluations show the youth are doing meaningful work!


What issues contribute to poor nutrition?

  • Amount of money within the household.
  • Having a safe place to eat.
  • Affordability.


What issues do you think youth are facing that contribute to bullying?

  • Some students are not aggressive.
  • Understand individual’s differences.


What topics or aspects of the program did you find most useful?

  • The rap song about your health.
  • Bullying skit


How could this program be more effective or useful to you?

  • I would love if the whole school could enjoy the performance.
  • It was perfect.


Would you use free access music videos for the songs in the program?

  • Yes
  • Yes!!


Thinking about this program, what kind of curricular/teaching material would be helpful to you?

  • Comprehension materials; Have students write down what they remember.


What is your overall assessment of the program?

  • 5 Excellent
  • 5 Excellent


This program is supported in part by a grant from the St. Louis Mental Health Board and the St. Louis Violence Prevention Commission.

THe program grew out of youth leadership advocacy work by Saint Louis Story Stitchers  Youth Council supported by  LUSH Corporation’s The Charity Pot.