To The Prairie.1600.

The new single “To The Prairie” by KP Dennis, Ntegrity and Troy Anthony will drop on iTunes March 21st, 2019. The song is the closing piece to the Saint Louis Story Stitchers premiere performance of Peace in the Prairie.

The presentation includes audio and video collected over the past three years by the artists Troy Anthony, Demil Johnson AKA Superhood and Susan Colangelo and combines this work with live performances by Bobby Norfolk, Ntegrity and KP Dennis.

Saint Louis Story Stitchers
March 21, 2019
.ZACK Theater
3224 Locust
Parental Warning: PG 13 for references to violence.

Saint Louis Story Stitchers Artists Collective presents Peace in the Prairie, an original performance exploring the concepts of peace and violence, juxtaposing urban life as experienced by African American people living in the city of St. Louis, Missouri and the state’s unique endangered prairie lands. 

Is the path towards peace through Missouri’s native prairies? 

Saint Louis Story Stitchers is working collaboratively to create an approach to health issues affecting Missouri’s urban youth. Story Stitchers bring the humanities to the forefront through a unique form of “urban storytelling”.

Peace in the Prairie expands the artistic body of work of African American artists in the Collective, addresses the community need of understanding violence while seeking peace, supports the exploration of new natural settings by both artists and audiences, and supports the greater understanding of Missouri’s unique natural heritage in its native prairie lands.

To The Prairie

Lyrics Written By KP Dennis, Verses and Ntegrity, Chorus



Purple, yellow blue so many colors in this habitat!

Even though I’m city slick I’m not afraid to travel back!


Way out to the country side hit that native grassland.

Tranquil in the sunny meadows (we thought we was ad…vanced!


Ain’t no sounds of ambulances sirens of the boys in blue!

Tonight d’void of gun shots but nature makes some noises too!


The moist dew saturates the green pastures,

which flows like the motion of the waves in the  ocean!


To master this environment acquiring and managing.

Restore it to its original state that it was planted in.


So if the planet ends at least you saw its majesty

put your phone on air plane mode and we’ll be right back after these…


Messages, reception is a barrier connect for real!

The wilderness is therapy escapism to let ya chill!


Historic region where the wild flower stretches!

Warm season grass species territory so precious!!



C’mon let’s go!

Let’s take a ride, hop in the car, take a drive!

To the prairie!

Where the grass always green on the other side…to the prairie!


Go! Let’s go!

C’mon let’s go! Let’s go!

C’mon let’s go! Let’s go!

C’mon let’s go! Let’s go!

C’mon let’s go! Let’s go!


On the adventure let’s venture through green pasture,

At the prairie

Solidarity, nothin’ but smiles and laughter,

At the prairie

C’mon let’s go! Let’s go!

C’mon let’s go! Let’s go!

C’mon let’s go! Let’s go!

C’mon let’s go! Let’s go!


Financial assistance for this project has been provided by the St. Louis Storytelling Festival, Community Arts, University of Missouri Extension Services. The project is supported by a grant from the Missouri Foundation for Health. The Foundation is a resource for the region, working with communities and nonprofits to generate and accelerate positive changes in health. As a catalyst for change, the Foundation improves the health of Missourians through a combination of partnership, experience, knowledge, and funding. The project created with support from Missouri Arts Council, a State Agency and from Kranzberg Arts Foundation.