Community and The Charity Pot

Story Stitchers is very pleased to announce that Lush Cosmetics, Inc., through its Charity Pot program, is providing a charitable grant towards programming for a youth-driven collaborative project called Community Conversations: Youth Council Development, that uses a mobile stage to drive public engagement and honest discourse on issues including gun violence, gangs, food insecurity, addiction, etc.

Through ongoing collaborative relationships in Dutchtown with Thomas Dunn Learning Center’s Southside Youth Council and on the West Side with the Wellston Loop Community Development Corporation and Communities Forward, LLC, Story Stitchers Youth Council leaders will join with area youth to create programming for two of St. Louis’s challenged districts to foster safe and supportive opportunities for youth to gather, socialize, and further develop leadership and vocational skills.

Saint Louis Story Stitchers extends a heart felt THANK YOU! to everyone at Lush Cosmetics, Inc. for your big hearts and open minds! We are grateful for this opportunity!