Peace in the Prairie Sketchbook: Violence & Education

IMG_0755Excerpt from the Saint Louis Story Stitchers book,  Not Another One A Discussion on Gun Violence, 2015

Teen: How much gun violence is a problem caused by a lack of education?

Lieutenant Colonel Ronnie Robinson, Deputy Chief of Police, Commander of the Bureau of Community Affairs: We consistently see that individuals involved in gun violence are lacking in terms of education. The dropout rate is particularly high among individuals that are using weapons to commit criminal acts. Education is a big factor in the success of kids NOT being involved in criminal activity. There is definitely a relationship between lack of education and gun violence.

Rachel Smith, Chief Prosecutor from the Circuit Attorneys Office and the Community Affairs Bureau: I agree with the Colonel. The lack of education is heartbreaking. We see the results every day at the Circuit Attorney’s Office, parents of young men, mostly under the age of 20, who have been killed. Sometimes the parents will be armed themselves. Sometimes the mother will say, “I asked him not to carry, I TOLD him not to carry,” while others will say he had to carry.

Sadly, we believe that often that decision to carry a weapon made by that young man is what led to his death. It seems that the lack of information among some parts of our community as well as that of some family members is a significant factor in the gun violence problem we currently have.

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When a person lives in an urban area where sirens, screeching tires, and gunshots can be heard nightly, how will their sense of self and world view change when that person experiences and explores native prairies?

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