‘Dwell in Other Futures’


‘Dwell in Other Futures’ conference this weekend

Dwell in Other Futures is a two-day festival of art and ideas exploring the collisions of race, urbanism, and futurism, providing a platform for alternate visions of the St. Louis to come.

Visions of the future shape how we see the present. On Friday and Saturday, April 27 and 28, Washington University’s Divided City initiative will co-sponsor “Dwell in Other Futures,” a two-day event exploring how collisions of race, urbanism and futurism might spark fresh ideas about the city that is and the city that is to come.

Dwell in Other Futures is organized by Gavin Kroeber, Tim Portlock, and Rebecca Wanzo.

Congratulations to all, especially Tim, a member of the Story Stitchers board.

Events take place at the .ZACK and the Pulitzer Arts Fundation

RSVP online.