“STAY WOKE”” by LaShonda 2017

My name is LaShonda. I am 17 years old and a member of Stitchers Youth Council.

I’m stitching my story to you from a piece I did called ” STAY WOKE!”

This piece amplifies the topic of police brutality which is a constant problem in our community.  I drew this piece to say that eyes that are awake or “stay woke” and pay attention to our community can hold important knowledge and bloom like a flower. Within the piece the eyes hold the initials of people who have died from police brutality. The flowers shown in the piece are also representative of the flowers at their funerals.  The people who have passed will never see their own beauty.

We become their flowers.

It’s blooming season, so stay woke.

#Dropthegun      #Keepthepeace      #Staywoke