5 Years after Newtown

Five years after the tragic massacre of children in the Sandy Hook Elementary School America is still gripped by the horrors of gun violence. Americans are desperate to find a balance between protecting our rights and protecting our families and children.

The research is leading us in one direction to solve this public health crisis:


We must recognize this issue as a public health crisis and take action to be responsible for one another.

What can I do?

Listen to KP Dennis as he describes past St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce’s 10 things we can ALL do to help combat gun violence.


Get involved! 

Mentor a youth. (A stable adult mentor is one of the most effective deterrents.)

Hire the young.

Give to an organization that supports youth.

Secure your legal weapon and tell others to do the same.

Register and record your legal weapon.

Call 911 if you hear gunshots.

Report crimes or suspicious activity to the police.

Support the new St. Louis Gun Buy-Back program.

Participate in neighborhood clean-ups and ownership.

Communicate regularly with your government representatives.


Read the informative article by Poli Rijos, MSW, coordinator for the Gun Violence: A Public Health Crisis initiative

A Coordinated Effort May Be the Solution to Gun Violence in St. Louis


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