Teachers of English

Story Stitchers Youth Council with Professor David Kirkland, New York University at the National Convention for Teachers of English

Story Stitchers received an invitation to perform for the Black and Latino Caucuses at the National Convention for Teachers of English at the America’s Convention Center in downtown St. Louis on November 17, 2017. Stitchers Youth Council took the invitation seriously and created a set list and budget for the gig and off we went!

Tables were turned upside down as Stitchers Youth gave the teachers of English life lessons from their own perspectives through original, St. Louis generated spoken word poetry, hip hop music and B-Boy dance.

The teachers swarmed the youth with accolades after the show and all had a wonderful evening.

Mrs. Rodney tweeted, “ just schooled us on what it means to spit lyrics.”

NNPA ESSA tweeted, “We had a great time at the Cultural Celebration hosted by the Black and Latino Caucuses last night. Shout out to for an inspiring performance”  

And Story Stitchers send a shout out to Professor Kirkland and to the leaders of the Black and Latino Caucuses! Thank you for the experience and for helping us to spread the word!