Peace in the Prairie

IMG_0615The Peace in The Prairie trip was very fun. I made new friends and it was adventurous. The best thing about the trip was the night hike we went on with Kendrick. It was a chance to bond with everyone and get comfortable. We walked around and talked and just enjoyed the peace. The group I was with — Taron, Toryon, Shawn, Trevor, Devir, and Dante, made my trip fun because of their wild personalities and their dancing. I played checkers with Devir and his brother. That was fun but I lost both times. I think we should have had more things to do. Maybe go to a place with a swimming area.

The other part that was fun but sad was when we went on the morning hike with the guide from the Missouri Pairie Foundation. Mr. Smith had told us about the plants and animals that live in the prairie. He also showed me how Native Americans twisted dried up pieces of grass that were strong enough to make baskets.  The sad part was when he told us that one of his great great family members who died in a controlled fire they used to make sure the prairie didn’t grow out of control.

The food we had was very unusual compared to what we usually eat, such as the salad and lasagna that we had for dinner. Not everyone liked it, mostly the the adults did.  It was more healthy and natural. The overall experience was fun. We should go again but for a week and have more activities that pertain to art.