Chillin’ with the STL Stitchers

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Mariyon and Antonio at the Contemporary Art Museum

My name is Mariyon. I’m a sixteen-year-old intern through STL Youth Jobs. This summer I had the honor of working with STL Story Stitchers. My experience with STL Story Stitchers has been an incredible one because they have given me memories that I’ll never forget.

This job has taught me a lot about society and what teenagers can do to make it better . For example, gun violence is huge problem in society today. Story Stitchers have taught me some things you should do to prevent it from happening. For example, parents with a licensed gun should make sure that it is locked and unloaded because children sometimes use they’re parents gun as a weapon for situations like bullying. A kid wouldn’t have to bring a gun to school if someone stood up for them or told a teacher.

This has also been a fun experience to remember. We are helping the communities by using the arts. Performing through the arts with a message is a good feeling afterwards because people thank you. In a way we give people hope because it shows that we’re not giving up. One day we will stop the violence. This job has allowed me to use my talents as a voice for myself and others. It shows me that their are other ways to reach out to people. To make them listen. STL Story Stitchers has made my summer a good one and a great one to remember.