#knowledgeispower Do Ur Part.

The Wish Box Project by Anna Maria Tucker, c Saint Louis Story Stitchers Artists Collective, 2017

WATCH: 10 Ways You Can Combat Gun Violence

From Gunshots! Music by K.P. Dennis, Video by Jun Bae

c Saint Louis Story Stitchers, 2016

Secure ya legal weapon tell others to do the same!

Don’t carry nothing if it ain’t registered in your name!

Record the make, model, serial number information!

If it come up missing then you can find the location.

Call 911 whenever you hear some gunshots!

Tell the police if you witness a crime on your block!

If an organization improves life of the youth,

Donate or volunteer your time and give’em a boost!

Help a struggling parent…. Whose burdens weigh a ton!

Become a mentor “earn and learn” hire the young!

They say I am the one! I guess I’m on the list,

Clean up my neighborhood participate in ownership!…

Make it a model gotta look out for each other,

If we get to know our neighbors

we could fix it like sisters and brothers!

I can’t trust ya. How can we ever begin?

To build peace! I keep, losing my friends when they…

Non stop… gunshots!

Day light there’s gunshots!

Nighttime more gunshots!

Around the clock… the young drop!

Wave your hands high if you’re tired of hearing gunshots!


#knowledgeispower   #dropthegun   #keepthepeace


St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department July 18, 2017 Homicide Analysis Report

2017 Homicides to date: 110     Closed cases: 41     Weapon:  Firearm:  104

More information: http://www.slmpd.org/images/Homicide_Stats_for_Website.pdf


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