Real Live Hummingbirds

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Reflections from 2016 —

On the peace in the prairie trip I was able to see some creatures that I would not see in the city. I saw humming birds and a rabbit. The hummingbirds were near the lodge’s covered porch and came to a bird feeder. One was green and made a buzzing sound, like a bee.  He was as big as my index finger. The rabbit was near the girls’ cabin and it was staring at me. When I walked towards the rabbit, it hopped away. This was the second time in my life I saw a wild rabbit. Prior to this, I had only seen hummingbirds in books.

The boys’ cabin was an old fashioned wooden cabin that dated back to the 1880’s. I thought it was pretty nice. It had somewhat uncomfortable beds that were hard to sleep in because the mattress was hard and small for me. The boys were playing games with water and waking up people (like me) who where sleeping. We stayed up until 1:00 in the morning but it was fine after the fact.

My name is Israel and I’m a 17 year old intern at Story Stitchers through St. Louis Youth Jobs. I attended the Peace in the Prairie trip at the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Shaw Nature Reserve last weekend.

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Missouri Botanical Garden

Shaw Nature Reserve’s Dana Brown Education Center

Missouri Prairie Foundation

Winslow’s Home and Farm

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