My Perfect World

Self portrait with disposable camera by Jaquan, c STL Story Stitchers, 2015

Curating Teen Voices: Coming of Age

A portfolio project led by Mariana Parisca, Story Stitchers Artist in Residence

March 2-25, 2017

TODAY SAT, March 25 Spoken Word  at the Gallery at 4 PM

Bruno David Gallery                                                                          

7513 Forsyth Blvd., Clayton MO 63105

Curating Teen Voices: Coming of Age is a time capsule of teenage voices combined with adult artists living in St. Louis in 2015, all reacting to a critical and unique time in the history of race relations, gun violence, police roles and community relationships in the city of St. Louis, Missouri. Financial assistance for this project has been provided by the Missouri Arts Council, a state agency. This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.


My Perfect World                                                                                                              

By Courteney 

Grade 12                                                                                                                 

c Saint Louis Story Stitchers, 2015

I can picture a crime-less world full of love and happiness. I can see a new world without guns and violence. A world without heartache. A place where everyone can get along. No arguing, no fighting, and no threats. Everyone accepts each other for who they are not only on the outside but from the inside.

I can imagine a world where children can play freely without having to look behind their backs. A world with green grass, blue skies, and no worries. A world that welcomes everyone. A world where the news only broadcasts positive things.

I can see a perfect world only when I close my eyes and dream. My perfect world is only an illusion. An illusion that could some day become a reality.

I can picture a world full of caring people. People who would risk their lives to save another’s. A world where selfishness is a thing of the past. A world where everyone helps one another. I can see a place of peace;; No weapons, no violence, no crime, no prisons, and no discrimination. A world that one can only dream of. My perfect world would stand on the belief of justice. A world ran by loving others. I can see a world full of “life” and devotion. I’d love to see a world where people aren’t afraid to speak up without having to be shut down for their opinions.

I can picture a world that lives in peace. A world that accepts change. I know that my perfect world sounds unrealistic, but wouldn’t it be great?

My world is only a dream until I get to see heaven.