the character of your team

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Social Experiment by Aniya, Stitchers Teen Council Co-Chair, 2016

Written March 18, 2017 by Aniya, Stitchers Teen Council Co-Chair

The definition of sportsmanship is your conduct while facing fortune and adversity in activities. Sportsmanship helps define the character of your team, and most people strive for nothing but their best performance, but this includes your best attitude. It feels great to win well deserved games and even greater to win when all odds are against you.

In softball the best games are when your opponents are bigger, stronger, and faster than you. But a fundamentally sound team that can execute well can make great plays, preventing a blowout. Skilled execution may keep your opponents on their toes and your team in the game but sportsmanship will help your team finish the game strong. In the first inning it may have been only one teammate encouraging the rest but you’ll need everyone picking each other up by the sixth inning. When the entire team possesses good sportsmanship even bad calls and mistakes can’t take you and your team out of the game.

Your sportsmanship is not only evaluated in games; practice is where sportsmanship is transcending. When you are able to dig deep even for the faults of others, your team will follow your sportsmanship. Coach could say “give me twenty laps” and without hesitation your up and ready, waiting for them to say go. Your coaches know what it takes to win so the only time you face adversity can’t just be in games. You must already know how it feels and what it takes for you to push through, and that takes place in practice. Even in good fortune staying humble shows you have good sportsmanship. Pick your opponents up if they fall, compliment them, and don’t brag especially when they are clearly the underdog because as long as you strive for great character in addition to a great performance your sportsmanship will always be in good standing.