If I was the chief of police


Play rehearsal @ the Stitchers Storefront studio

Excerpt from Not Another One! A Play 4 Peace, written and directed by Lauron Thompson, Story Stitchers Artist in Residence


If I was the chief of police in St. Louis right now I would try my best to stop the negative perception surrounding the police force. I would remind people that perception isn’t always reality. I would go the extra mile to remind citizens of this great city that it’s not “us against them”. I would bring everybody together to make our city safer and set a good example for youth. At least if they see unity they will believe that unity can exist. Maybe then others would take more peaceful measures when solving their own disputes. I would do more to mentor younger kids and give them a good mind early in life so that when they get older they can pass it on to their children. If I were chief of police I would remind everyone that we are in a battle that is not about the color of our skin but about lowering crime that’s affecting the children. I would remind the officers serving under my command that we when take off our uniforms at night we too are citizens, fathers, mothers, and must also follow the law.


Saint Louis Story Stitchers are involved in the battle against illiteracy and gun violence. Fifty percent of the gun crime in St. Louis affects youth under 25 years old. Story Stitchers are working with St. Louis Metropolitan Police on new programming.

Saint Louis Story Stitchers is producing its first original play entitled, Not Another One! A Play 4 Peace. The play will take place at the Kranzberg Arts Foundation’s new .ZACK performing arts venue at 3224 Locust in the Grand Center Arts District. A free afternoon matinee for youth and a ticketed evening performance are planned for Saturday, February 25th, 2017.

The 2:00 performance is free for youth with a chaperone at the door, $10 for Adults.  The 7:00pm performance $10 for Students and Seniors and $15 Adults.  Tickets are available at MetroTix or at the door.  Appropriate for children for 5 years and up.