Community Video Sketchbook 2017


Contributing artist Carmon Colangelo celebrates with Stitchers Teen Council Co-Chairs Aniya and Toryon

Perception Isn’t Always Reality

Community Video Sketchbook 2017

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The Saint Louis Story Stitchers are urban storytellers advancing civic pride through art.
Last night the Story Stitchers screened the third iteration of the community video sketchbook projection on the big screen in the Kranzberg Arts Center’s state-of-the arts Studio Theater. The Sketchbook is a collection of original works created by Collective artists and guests reflecting on the project theme, Perception Isn’t Always Reality. The Sketchbook gives a glimpse of lives in St. Louis. Work is curated by the Collective. The Collective sincerely thanks the artists who have shared their work by contributing to this and past sketchbooks.

The program was sponsored in part by the Kranzberg Arts Foundation, Kranzberg Arts Center, the Regional Arts Commission, and the Steward Family Foundation.

K.P. Dennis Title Song
Christian Korta Photographs of the 2016

Stitchers Teen Council
Youth-led discussion on gun violence

Looking back to 2015: Excerpts
Story Stitchers Photographs
Susan Colangelo MLK, Jr.
Carmon Colangelo Ghost of Liberty
Jarmel Reece Judgement Day
NineLAB #ChalkedUnarmed
Charles Burson GoPro Ferguson
Put the Gun Down K.P. Dennis


DeAndrea Nichols
Sticky Note to Self: Resist I, II, III 2016

Emma Riley
Signs of Wellston 2017

Carmon Colangelo
Perilous Vision 2017

Jacopo Mazzoni
Documents Please 2016

Neena Wang
“You saw nothing in ________________” 2017

Untitled 2016

Cecily Fergeson
Eveflat 2016
Eveshed 2016
Eveswell 2016
Gold Crease 2016
Silver Crease 2016

Perception Isn’t Always Reality 2017

The Cop Stop 2016

Taylor Yocom
Time To Go 2017

William Morris
Monroe 1988

Saint Louis Story Stitchers
Excerpts from It’s Not OK! A Discussion 2016

Yvette Drury Dubinsky
Jim C. Tis of Thee 2016
Sweet Land of Mason Dixon 2016
New Suns 2016

Social Experiment I, II, III, IV, IV 2016

Jun Bae and K.P. Dennis
Gunshots!! 2016
Third verse contains St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s
10 ways YOU can combat gun violence

Susan Colangelo
You’re not alone in this world 2017

Y∞n Hong
Birth of Topeng-e 2014

Mike Pagano
Safe Connections | Lindsey’s Story
House On Sunset 2016

Mike Pagano
“It’s FIRE DOG!!!” 2016

Saint Louis Story Stitchers
2016 Highlights SHORT 2016