The climate is hostile, can’t stay calm.

K.P. Dennis in Gunshots!! music video filmed and edited by Jun Bae, c Story Stitchers 2016

Perception Isn’t Always Reality


WHEN: Grand Center First Friday,  February 3rd, 2017, 7:00-9:00 PM

WHERE: Kranzberg Arts Center’s Studio Theater, 501 N Grand Blvd. 

Free, Cash Bar, Family-friendly

WHAT: The 3rd iteration of the community video sketchbook projection of original works created by Collective artists and guests reflecting on the project theme, Perception Isn’t Always Reality. The Sketchbook gives a glimpse of lives in St. Louis. Work is curated by the Collective. After the screening, Video Sketchbooks are added to Story Stitchers Vimeo page. The 2017 Sketchbook was edited by Story Stitchers Artists in Residence Jarmel Reece and Demil Johnson.

This year’s Sketchbook features a few highlights from 2015 as well as works by Jun Bae, K.P. Dennis, Taylor Yocom, Carmon Colangelo, Jarmel Reece, Yvette Drury Dubinsky, DeAndrea Nichols, Mike Pagano, NineLAB, William Morris, Christian Korta, Jacopo Mazzoni, Cecily Fergeson, Neena Wang, Emma Riley, and from Stitchers Teen Council Donniesha, T&T, Taron, Toryon, Tonia, Aniya, Juwuan, Antigone, and more. Story Stitchers express sincere thanks to these artists for sharing your outstanding work with this project.

Join the Collective for the screening this Friday. You will enjoy works from a diverse group of St. Louis artists projected on the big screen in the Studio Theater. Artists carry the theme of implicit bias into unexpected avenues expressing beauty, fear, anger, political realities, and love.

Sponsored by Kranzberg Arts Center, Kranzberg Arts Foundation, the Regional Arts Commission, and the Steward Family Foundation.

K.P. Dennis, Story Stitchers lead rap artist and a founding Collective member, wrote the theme song to this series of video sketchbooks entitled, Perception Isn’t Always Reality in 2015. The song is available on iTunes through the Stitchers STORE. The song captures true sentiments among St. Louis citizens, especially African American citizens struggling to lift themselves and their families out of the intergenerational poverty that plagues many St. Louis families. The lyrics touch on facts reported by the study For the Sake of All by Dr. Jason Purnell from Washington University, such as the fact that if you are born in 63103 your life expectancy is 18 years shorter than if you are born just 10 miles away, in 63105. The study looks at disparities in economic opportunity and segregation from lack of access to transportation, both of which K.P. expresses through his song. In 2017, Story Stitchers continue to stand behind the song as relevant and on point in the United States today. The need to acknowledge and explore implicit biases in the world today is pressing.

Excerpt from the lyrics to Perception Isn’t Always Reality by K.P. Dennis:


Perception Isn’t Always Reality

Perception Isn’t Always Reality

Perception is dangerous when you’re uninformed.

The climate is hostile, can’t stay calm.

Verse I


If I wore a suit and tie, could I run for president?

Could they prosecute me for a crime with no evidence?

When you look at me do you see any type of value?

How can I think universal when I haven’t traveled?

Never had a passport, so my vision falls short.

Only time they pump me up is when we’re on the ball court.

But when it comes to economics it’s a disadvantage,

Limited windows of opportunity quick to vanish!

I manage by myself, but need a little help.

My moves are calculated, contemplate on every step.

Quiet is kept the odds of living long ain’t in the cards,

We’re dying slowly everyday ’cause the struggle is hard.

What do you see? Are you dealing with reality?

Is it the real thing? Or is it a fallacy?

Because I’m in the hood, does that mean I’m from the hood?

Because I dress well, does that make me all good?


Perception Isn’t Always Reality

Perception Isn’t Always Reality

Perception is dangerous when you’re uninformed.

The climate is hostile, can’t stay calm.