Deadline Day


WHEN: SUBMISSION DEADLINE TODAY: Friday, January 20, 2017, Midnight

Story Stitchers are thankful for the love and friendships we share, for the power of art to create change, and for freedom of speech.

The Collective invites you to share your experiences and thoughts on implicit bias. There are many important topics that relate to this and many that are timely in the U.S. and in the world today. Today is the final day to submit your work for the 2017 Sketchbook.

Perception Isn’t Always Reality: COMMUNITY VIDEO SKETCHBOOK            

Public Screening in Kranzberg Arts Center’s Studio Theater

WHAT: The 3rd iteration of the community video sketchbook projection of original works of art and videos created by Collective artists and guests reflecting on the project theme, Perception Isn’t Always Reality.

The Sketchbook began in 2014 when Stitchers Teen Council members complained that they felt people looked at them sometimes with fear, especially if they were in a group with multiple African American male teens. They wanted to do something to change the implicit bias that they felt creeping into their lives and realities. The 2015 Sketchbook was very heavily influenced by the events that surrounded Ferguson. For the 2016 Sketchbook, K.P. Dennis wrote the theme song, Perception Isn’t Always Reality, which the Collective recorded and released on iTunes. Find it in the Story Stitchers STORE.

The Sketchbooks give a glimpse of lives in St. Louis.  Work is curated by the Collective.  After the screening, Video Sketchbooks are added to Story Stitchers Vimeo page. This year’s Sketchbook will feature a few highlights from the past as well as new works. The 2017 contributions already include work by William Morris, DeAndrea Nichols, Taylor Yocom, Yvette Drury Dubinsky, Susan Colangelo, Carmon Colangelo, Jun Bae and K.P. Dennis, Jacopo Mazzoni, Mike Pagano, and members of Stitchers Teen Council. This year’s Sketchbook will be edited by Jarmel Reece, Story Stitchers Artist in Residence. Jarmel joined the Collective in 2014 and serves as a youth mentor, hip-hop performer, and videographer.

SUBMISSIONS: All artists age 18 or older residing in the St. Louis city or county and Stitchers Teen Council members. Visit for more information or email Public screening. Family-friendly art on topic only. The Sketchbook is edited by the Collective. A signed 2017-perception-prospectus must accompany all submissions.

PUBLIC SCREENING: Grand Center First Friday, February 3, 2017; 7:00 PM. Free.

WHERE: Kranzberg Arts Center’s Studio Theater, 501 N Grand, St. Louis, MO 63103

2015 Community Video Sketchbook HERE

2016 Community Video Sketchbook HERE

Prospectus 2017-perception-prospectus