Youth leaders performing in Not Another One! A Play 4 Peace, directed by Lauron Thompson with Music directed by K.P. Dennis, at the .ZACK, photo Taylor Yocom, 2017

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Sample 30 second radio PSA’s: 

Sample #1:

Don’t miss the Pick the City UP Tour this summer! Saint Louis Story Stitchers presents urban storytelling through live hip hop and spoken word. Raise your hands high if you’re tired of hearing gun shots!  Pay tribute, join the fun, and make a difference! The Tour will stop in neighborhoods and cultural venues across St. Louis. Check it! Treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself! Shows are family-friendly and most are free! Visit or call 314-899-9001. That’s!

Sample #2:

Pick the City UP Tour presents Saint Louis Story Stitchers unique brand of urban storytelling, featuring live hip hop, spoken word and story magic on public health issues St. Louis cares about including gun violence. Pay tribute, join the fun, and make a difference. The Tour will stop at community centers, neighborhoods and cultural venues across St. Louis. For the latest details visit or call 314-899-9001.

Sample gun violence prevention PSA’s:

Transforming the Trauma of Poverty

Marketing Gun Violence Prevention

Not Another One! A Discussion on Gun Violence

Not Another One! An Urgent Call to Action on Gun Violence

Art, Guns, & Rebooting the Conversation

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