OPEN MIC / Poetry SLAM #2 almost here!

Lisa Overholser and friend talk with MC Britt Baker at the Open MIC 9/2/2016

Saint Louis Story Stitchers Open MIC / Poetry SLAM #2 is almost here! MC Britt Baker created a relaxing, unique and welcoming atmosphere for all. Special thanks to everyone who came out to listen, participate and support.

Thoughts from the audience at the September 2nd, 2016 Open MIC / Poetry SLAM at Kranzberg Arts Center.

Interview with Lisa Overholser, director of the St. Louis Storytelling Festival, University of Missouri Extension’s Community Arts Program, 9/2/16 at the Open MIC / Poetry SLAM with Susan Colangelo

Susan: You’re here at the Open MIC / Poetry SLAM. What made you come today?

Lisa: I know the Saint Louis Story Stitchers. They do great work. I think they do a lot of really important work, too, that needs to be recognized and I know this event was happening tonight and I wanted to come out and support them.

Susan: Was there anything that really impressed you as far as content?

Lisa: No, it’s just very authentic, personal expressive stories told in their own ways and I think that’s the beauty of the Story Stitchers, I really do.

Susan: Thanks for coming out tonight.

Lisa: Thank you. Thanks for hosting it. And I’m going to come next time, too!

Highlights reel from Sept 2nd HERE

Don’t miss the Open MIC with MC Britt Baker!

Friday, October 7th, 7:00-9:00pm at Kranzberg Arts Center

18 and up, cash bar, $10

Details and tickets are available HERE. 

Spoken word, storytellers and acoustic music (no drums) are welcome at the October 7th session. Performers can email to reserve a 3-7 minute slot at the mic.

Suggested themes for spoken word include respect, police-minority relations, and solutions to violence.

Sponsored by the Regional Arts Commission, Kranzberg Arts Foundation and Kranzberg Arts Center.