Words are Power

Waheed Muhaimin performing  at Kranzberg Arts Center

Would you agree that WORDS are power? Have you ever watched someone speak and was captivated by the WORDS they chose? Have you ever read a book, and was blown away by the message?  Since the beginning when our minds were able to form thoughts, we felt the need to write them down. This was to share in the joy we felt when we heard, or said those WORDS. You see, those with the ability to write became messengers, voices for people who didn’t know, or were afraid to say what they felt. Writers have became the conduit by which society shared its joys, pains, successes, failure and its love. You see WORDS can give life, and in some cases even cause death.  I am sure you have witnessed fights started with harsh WORDS hurled back and forth between individuals, or the smile that spread across the face of someone when you spoke WORDS that were beautiful. My mother always told me to watch what I said as a child, and now I understand what she meant. Us writers are messengers, conveyors of thoughts, and those thoughts turn into WORDS, and those WORDS become action. Remember, next time you formulate a thought, and that thought turns into WORDS, stop and think about the power you carry. Don’t forget to come out and enjoy the power of some wonderful spoken WORD artists this Friday night. Look for me there, your friend Waheed Muhaimin.

Saint Louis Story Stitchers will host Creative Connection Open MIC / Poetry SLAM sessions with MC Britt Baker.

Friday, September 2nd, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm and Friday, October 7th, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the Studio Theater in Kranzberg Arts Center, 501 N Grand Blvd. Registration begins at 6:45.

Tickets are $10 per person at Eventbrite or at the door, 18 years old and up. Cash bar. Suggested themes for spoken word include respect, police-minority relations, and solutions to violence. 

Sponsored by Kranzberg Arts Center, Kranzberg Arts Foundation, and the Regional Arts Commission.