Your Amazing Story Stitcher!

DSC_0292 (1)Good afternoon everyone! My name is Kelsey, I’m 18 years old and I have been working with Saint Louis Story Stitchers for the summer. We decided to go on a Peace in the Prairie trip. Peace in the Prairie was a complete success and if I had the chance to do it all over again I would certainly do it.

Being able to experience an environment of peace is different than what I am used. I live in the city of Saint Louis, Missouri where I hear ambulances along with gunshots near my home every night. The trip allowed me to know that there is more to life then what I’ve been used to. I would like to change my mindset by been more adventurous and trying new things to expand my horizon.

This was my second time taking a camping trip so I was more relaxed and able to learn more about myself personally. In the Prairie there were lizards, bull frogs, raccoons, owls, and rabbits. At night you could hear the animals making noises and on the hikes through the prairie you could see some of them running on the walking path through the plants. I was amazed by the beautiful green butterflies flying around even though I felt like they were attacking me! I had on the exact color they where so I understood their confusion.

Later a few Story Stitchers and me went to the main lodge, turned on the amp that we could hook up to our phones to play music and we went live on Facebook and danced all night! It was very fun and I really enjoyed myself because dancing is something I enjoy doing. But I honestly feel that every teen should get a chance to have that experience especially if they have never been in a different environment other than the one they live in.

Love, Your Amazing Story Stitcher!