Guns, Gangs, Violence

DSC_0011My name is Gia and I’m a 17 year old intern at Saint Louis Story Stitchers through St. Louis Youth Jobs. Last week we held Open Auditions for a filmmaker and I participated. Yesterday I had the opportunity to be in Denise Ward-Brown’s film called, Never Been A Time.

In the film I am reciting a spoken word piece that I wrote the previous week. We went to East St.Louis to film for a day and it was very interesting. I got to experince being on camera and I also got a chance to see a real life drone. Who would have thought the drone would have been recording me? It didn’t take much time; we got there and got straight to work. I was extremely nervous but eventually I got into it. I definitely appreciated having the opportunity to work with a film director and professionals from different places. Being in the film makes me think about life on the camera….will I proceed? or was this just another fun thing to experience? I’m glad I was able to speak my poem and hopefully reach out to other youth.

Here is an excerpt from my poem entitled,

Gun Violence

In a society filled with misconceptions,

different perceptions and massive aggression,

We are still healing from the systematic oppression,

so the anger and the hate develops into depression,

exposing our broken bones, feigning for decompression.

Why are you so angry is the ultimate question.

But brother you have got to put down the gun and find another obsession.

Guns, gangs, and violence will never be progression.