The Elephant in the Room


Hi, my name is Israel. I am a 17 year old intern working with Story Stitchers.

The first couple of days working here were a simple transition. I work with instruments which is really amazing and a new experience for me. A great thing that happened today was that we were able to have a conversation with Lieutenant Perri Johnson of St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, Commander of the Juvenile Division.

I got to hear his perspective of how he feels about cops who put a bad name on the police department. He said that when he has a uniform on he is seen as the “elephant in the room.”  It also showed us that we are the same because behind that uniform he is a still a black male in America. After he takes off his uniform he is seen in a different light since people who don’t know him personally are unaware of his occupation. We are going to use the information that we learned in our creative work here.