Bryce Reflects – First days in the Studio

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Bryce is a 16 year old intern from STL Youth Jobs. He is college bound with good grades and has a keen interest in computers and engineering.

Tuesday – My first day at Story Stitchers was great. Ms. Susan was really good at explaining our objectives. The place is set up perfectly. The others were nice and welcoming. I see a lot of potential in Story Stitchers.

Wednesday – Today we had fun. We went to a Pokemon marketing meeting in the Loop. It was shocking that all the people really want to make the Loop a Pokémon friendly environment. Today I also worked on a new postcard for Story Stitchers. The day went smoothly.

Thursday -Today was another good day. I tried to complete the postcard that I had I started. Still needs work though. I learned how to work on the photo editing program again.

Friday – Today was another successful day. We went to the bank to deposit a few checks we received. We purchased a few records from Vintage Records to play in the store. I also tried working on the art apps on the computer and I finally got to meet Ms. Gretchen from StL Youth Jobs today.