Your Favorite Story Stitcher

Photo of Kelsey by Bryce, Stitchers Teen Intern

Saint Louis Story Stitchers

Tuesday – Hi my name is Kelsey and I am an intern with Saint Louis Story Stitchers through STL Youth Jobs. My first day becoming a part of Saint Louis Story Stitchers was a complete success! The program provided a variety of activities for my interests. I can already see my work ethics and skills beginning to improve because I will be managing different administrative duties allowing me to extend my knowledge of my basic skills. Also meeting Ms. Susan I can already see that she is going to help build my resume, along with business management skills allowing me to learn the insight of having a nonprofit business.

Wednesday – My second day being a Story Stitcher I completed a letter asking for money to fund the Peace in the Prairie event that we are preparing for the youth. Hopefully the letter will be enough to persuade the donors to contribute to our youth event. Also today we went to a Loop marketing meeting about Pokemon Go, speaking about how it has become more used then Twitter and how more adults are engaging in the game then teens. They are trying to get the police to get more involved and engaged in the community by playing the game. But at Story Stitchers we are thinking of an idea of how we can get involved to engage the community, making everyone come together but also get more recruited teens to join as a Story Stitcher.

Thursday – Today I completed a couple tasks for the youth Peace in the Prairie over night trip. Bryce, another youth intern, and I worked on a poster on the computer becoming more comfortable with using a high tech website called Affinity Photo. Also I met two friends of Ms. Susan who were very welcoming and nice. Today was a wonderful day I got a lot accomplish and it’s just very exciting to be apart of Saint Louis Story Stitchers.