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Small Business donor and volunteer Susan Block of The Designing Block with Stitchers Teen Chelsea

Saint Louis Story Stitchers are artists working alongside teenagers from economically challenged neighborhoods. Every gift, no matter its size, counts in a very, very BIG way!

Teenagers in the St. Louis area are seen too often in the news involved in robbing or assaulting, sometimes with illegal weapons. Carl Filler,  Director of Strategic Policy Initiatives and Community Partnerships from the Mayor’s Office told Stitchers teens, “Almost half of the city’s crimes are committed by individuals under the age of 25. Young people in St. Louis do have access to guns and that is a significant problem.”

Saint Louis Story Stitchers has a better way. It involves mentoring, strong male leadership, and a forum for gathering, curating and publishing local voices. Youth learn to work with community leaders and to use art to work towards the changes they want to see.

Teens strive to become civic leaders and work towards reaching individual educational goals. Donations support technology, art supplies, books and a space to meet and work in the Loop District.


Your tax deductible gift supports local teenage youth in writing, recording, performance, and publishing workshops with professional St. Louis artists.

Every dollar counts! Thank you for your support!

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