Goodbye Chicago

Superhood and Jusay 

Saint Louis Story Stitchers is pleased to announce that the artist known as Superhood has joined the Collective as an artist in residence and is the video editor of the 2016 Perception Isn’t Always Reality Community Video Sketchbook, screening February 5th at 7:00 pm at Kranzberg Arts Center. Submissions accepted until midnight January 29th. Details at

Superhood is a singer/songwriter, music producer and videographer known for a unique style of rock and rap that grew out of his own life experiences of growing up and living in the hood. He has a positive message for youth in line with the Story Stitchers mission and is bringing a lot of excitement to the program.

Check out Superhood’s music video GOODBYE CHICAGO

Superhood joins K.P. Dennis and Mariana Parisca as Story Stitchers artists in residence. This program is supported in part by the Regional Arts Commission.

Songwriter and performer Jusay is also joining the Collective. Superhood and Jusay married in 2010 and the couple moved from Chicago to St. Louis in 2015. Jusay was born and raised in St. Louis and attended Hazelwood Central High School where she fell in love with the arts. Jusay has served as an intern at QUE 95.5, blazing 9 in a row hip-hop R&B. 

Mark your calendar and come out and welcome them to St. Louis on February 5th!